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Ministry in Kyiv

Dear Gateway Family…Greetings from “somewhere” out in the frozen tundra of Ukraine called Bil’che, near the city of Lutzk. Yes, it is cold, between 15-28 F, but nothing that we were not expecting. Well, it has been a full and hard week of ministry so far. We finished up our conference on the outskirts of Kiev hosted at a camp/conference center own...

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Jay Z and the Sunshine Band

I know! I Know! The title of this update doesn’t make any sense, does it? But you need to know that Gateway has a new celebrity in town and his name is Jay Z – well, that is what the brothers have been calling JD throughout this week. Not because they know that there is a rapper by the name of Jay Z, but because in the Ukrainian tongue it is extremely hard to p...

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"I'd rather have Buckwheat"

Despite what JD might tell you, I am not taking this out of context. These are the exact words spoken as JD looked over the lunch options. And just like JD, there’s been a lot of heart change happening here during our stay. Many brothers have heard of the expositional preaching philosophy for the first time. Some commented and thanked for the clarity and approachabil...

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Planes, Trains, and…. Buckwheat Muffins

Okay, no trains… but plenty of buckwheat muffins. Pastor Rod and I knew we were in this for the long haul as soon as we were presented with a bag full of buckwheat muffins from Yuliya. Nevertheless, after an overnight plane ride with limited sleep, we needed the pick-me-up and buckwheat never tasted so scrumptious at the time. Buckwheat aside, we finally arrived at ...

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